BTT Fighter of the month

Alexandre Vieira

Alexandre de Souza Vieira is the November 2017 athlete. He started training capoeira at the age 5. At age 7, he was invited by Mestre Saporito of the Carlson Gracie Academy to receive a scholarship for jiu jitsu classes, and he never stopped anymore! Currently, Alexandre, Murilo Bustamante's black belt, trains at BTT Lagoa, and dedicates himself exclusively to jiu jitsu for passion. Even with every exhausting and tiring routine of every single athlete has, he loves the product that sport gives, such as competitions, trips, friendships and new challenges. The BTT athlete does 3 training sessions a day, between technical and physical training.

In addition to capoeira and jiu jitsu, he is a kickboxing black belt, he has competed in Full Contact, and has already fought as an amateur and professional MMA, which he has 2 wins by submission in the very first round, one in each category. For a while, Alexandre does not intend to fight MMA again, until it is fully realized in jiu jitsu, but who knows in the future?

Whoever sees him without using a gi, does not recognize the aggressiveness that he has in the fights, because he is so calm, quiet and playful countenance. But Alexandre is a monster on the mat! In the IBJJF Rio Open 2013, as a brown belt, he submitted 8 of the 8 fights (weight and open weight). In the 2017 AD Grand Slam in Japan, his fight viralized on the internet with an astonishing submission with a round choke with Kata Guruma that made his opponent sleep. In addition to several other titles, Alexandre is 2014 NO GI world champion, and made a nice participation in the ADCC. With a very strong choke, Alexandre is ready to shine in 2018. "It's going to be my year! I intend to be in the highest place on all the championship podiums that I'll participate! ", He says. And will be! The BTT family will be cheering!

Alexandre has a wish. He would like the philosophy of old school jiu jitsu be back in the championships, because of the discipline, the respect for your opponent, and competition style. Alexandre talks about this: "I play forward, I play to submit my opponents, I don't play to score a point or advantage. I fight for the excellence, to go for a submission. I wish that martial arts doctrine would return. The values are so different nowadays, people are changing a lot at all! "

Other Fighters

Roberto Repetto Coelho

The outstanding athlete of the month, is Roberto Repetto Coelho, 35 years old, from Rio de Janeiro. He is a brown belt from BTT Juiz de Fora, led by the great teacher Ricardo Marques, who has formed a lot of champions.

Roberto, until then businessman, began training bjj in 2008 at BTT JF. He...

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Murilo Bustamante

"Many sportsmen dream of one day becoming a legend in their sport, Murilo Bustamante achieved this status in two of the most demanding sports in the world, jiu jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). At one point Murilo was one of the stars of the famous Carlson Gracie team, arguably the...

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